Starting 2017 intentionally and on purpose


Happy New Year mama!
Im writing this while having bytes of warm mulva pudding, custard and sips of chai tea. All of them really good, especially the fond memories that goes with the pudding 🙂 As most of us, I bid farewell to 2016, thankful for all that it gave me especially the struggles that led to deepest times of growth.

I’ve been internally preparing for 2017 and as the New Year rolls in, I can’t help but to feel inspired and excited about the possibilities. It’s the kind of inspired that’s demanding me to be intentional, get off my toosh and get things done. Here’s the thing, it’s definitely not the first time I feel inspired by the New Year. The difference this time around is I’ve discovered more off who I am and who I want to become and my journey to be a better version of myself then what I was yesterday requires an intentional path. So, this year I’ve decided to embrace a journey of self-growth, in a “grown up” way; intentionally and on purpose. A journey of mindfulness, honesty, integrity, vulnerability, acceptance and transparency operating from my inner self in order to live the life I’m manifesting. I’m looking forward to see how 2017 unfolds and wish it to be my most authentic year yet. I bless and honour the year that has been as I continue on my journey.

As you set sight on new goals for 2017 dear mama, my wish for you is to do it “deliberately, thought‐fully, with a purpose and on purpose”. We all have greatness within us and it is up to us to be intentional about it. Let this be a year of owning your power because once in a while, you have to blow your own damn mind!

I would love to hear what you’ll be intentional about this year. Let’s get talking mama!

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