Hey gorgeous!
Welcome to Stylish Motherhood; an inspirational and interactive platform for the modern mom. A place to gain, regain or retain a sense of self and confidence while trying to conquer the most rewarding and challenging job on this planet, motherhood.

Let me take a minute to introduce myself. I’m Heather, a mama to an amazing three year old boy named Zion. He’s a little warrior, slaying dragons while riding on the back of a cheetah (that’s how he describes himself) 🙂 In becoming a new mama navigating the highs and lows of motherhood and womanhood, I realized that if I want this to be the motherhood that I’ve envisage then I need own it. I realized that I need to be intentional in being my true, authentic self in every opportunity of my journey. It’s not an easy road but I believe that by uncovering your true self you discover and grow into your greatness and what an amazing gift it is to pass unto the future men and women we are raising. Stylish Motherhood was born out of the desire for safe place to loose the masks, let down the walls and allow us as mothers to grow into mothering through our great selves without judgement.

“Style comes from knowing who you are and who you want to be in the world. It doesn’t come from wanting to be somebody else”.

Greatness is contagious and Stylish Motherhood is created for you mama with the hope that you’ll find comfort in a community of women that will uplift, empower, celebrate, inspire, encourage, accept, learn and grow from each other’s different and unique journeys, mindfully and intentionally. May this platform empower us to always find the strength and clarity to move towards our space of realness even when it means having to break out of a mold that we always thought would fit us. To the mama out there doing it, we look up to you and to the mama still finding her way, we are here to encourage you with style and grace.

I want to take the opportunity to personally welcome you to Stylish Motherhood with this quote:

“When women come together not against one another, there is a magical opportunity to move mountains”.

Go ahead mama! Give yourself permission to kick off your shoes, sit back and relax. Trust me, you’re in great company!